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    36th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable: “Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Space: Operational and Legal Challenges”.


    INVITED PAPERS ONLY: NO UNINVITED AUTHOR ABSTRACTS The development of artificial intelligence-based autonomous systems for space operations is opening up a whole new set of questions about how these interact with existing legal concepts and technical standards. Intelligent satellites that enable collision avoidance will soon become standard practice; little human intervention will be required beyond the programming. One of the first questions is the extent to which the laws – particularly space laws - governing these technologies on earth are relevant and applicable to these activities in outer space. The growing reliance on autonomous technologies may require a fresh look at the traditional concepts behind the regulation of space activities. The specific attributes of autonomous space systems may also require further consideration when licensing space missions. The aim of this session is to explore the extent to which the world of AI-driven automated processes for space operations and digital connections is developing from both a technical and legal perspective. It will examine how the technical developments, including systems for data sharing and space traffic management, may shape and transform the existing body of legal rules, regulations and practices that apply to space activities. This will inevitably also include how AI technologies relate to the traditional understandings of legal responsibility and liability under national and international space law.







    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Dr. Marco Ferrazzani, European Space Agency (ESA), France;

    • Co-Chair: Dr. Peter Martinez, Secure World Foundation, United States;

    • Rapporteur: Dr. Ivan Fino, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Italy;

    • Rapporteur: Dr. Nicola Rohner-Willsch, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Germany;