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    Interactive Presentations - IAF BUSINESS INNOVATION SYMPOSIUM


    This session offers a unique opportunity to deliver your key messages in an interactive presentation on any of the subjects of Business Innovation addressed in the classic Sessions. The presentation will be displayed on a digital screen in a dedicated location and available for view by all Congress attendees for the entire Congress week. In addition, one afternoon is dedicated exclusively for the attendees to view the Interactive Presentations, and the author will be assigned a specific ten minute slot to personally present the topic and interact with the attendees present. The Interactive Presentation may take advantage of all electronic display capabilities, such as: PowerPoint charts, embedded hot links, pictures, audio and video clips etc. An award will also be presented to the author of the best Interactive Presentation in the E Category at a special ceremony. An Abstract that follows the standard format must be submitted by the deadline for standard IAC abstracts.






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    • Co-Chair: Dr. Ken Davidian, United States;